The movie is actually much better than this preview. I wish it had been deleted from Youtube or was on Netflix. The woman was a genius computer engineer like her father and she decided to work for an organization that worked with the military and scientist who ended up having her killed because she questioned why soldiers were being killed only to be programmed to be super soldiers after having their conscious stolen. As she begins to ask questions, she is killed. But she like a computer scan her brain because she was young and felt like she was contributing to a greater cause and they made her a machine. I think its better than "Ghost in a Shell."

Emman SM

Very good sci-fi thriller, the plot moves faster than Ex-Machina and even though it obviously had a limited budget, the visual effects were quite good. Great performances, too.

Albert Mag

Not very often all the comments agree the movie is a gooden ..this is one of them rare moments
I'm going to download and watch this evening ..Thanks my Bro.s & Sis's ..see ya on the next one …..East Van Rulz…