On the scale of history it took humans to make robots, even imagining that the human is eradicated by androids, this remains true. Most perfect robots of the universe are human, because we come from the earth and sun and our Genesis is an osmosis of it. We are the gods and creators of the robots. If there is robots. They can not be born without us, we can be born without them. The most perfect body is not a robot … it's human. That's why I do not think they override us, at least not for eternity even if I am wrong.

For now I see some pathetic robots in laboratgoires or conferences, the addition of motors, springs and bolts connected to a computer. Just the children of the invention of the wheel and the transistor. Sophisticated puppet , though somewhat more complicated to use than their ancestors.

For now the only useful robots manufacture our cars and make our coffee, or they explore Mars. An autonomous IA, capable of manufacturing nano-machines could possibly surprise us, I will. But not yet.

It's still a bunch of small laboratory geniuses will lose their mystique by then.