I don't think automation is inherently a bad thing. While it has been wagered that when artificial intelligence surpasses our own, we'll have no value, I think it's important to acknowledge that intelligence is intelligence, regardless of how 'natural' it is. We'll adapt, and I look forward to the day when we can augment, or even replace our gray matter with a more efficient system. I firmly believe that a digital mind is just as capable as an organic one, and that morals, emotion, and general empathy are not exclusive to the latter. I also go by the saying that is along the lines of, "it doesn't take a genius to have a heart of gold, but it takes a moron to carry a black one." A future full of genius minds, silicon or organic isn't going to be worse than one with dull ones.

Economically speaking, I don't see issues in the long term, but there is no denying that in the near future (within 50 years), things will get worse before they hope to get better. As pointed out, this is a human issue. It was said better than I ever could in the video: technology is evolving, and mankind can't keep up. That's why we see corporate greed. We have vast, sophisticated systems, and we lack the minds to drive them. When technology solves this issue, we'll be better off.

In the near future, we'll see a loss of jobs, however. We'll keep seeing a loss of prosperity until we work out our economy, and wealth is distributed more evenly. Technology is the biggest catalyst in both enacting that, and solving it. My one hope is that we can solve it before we get to a place, technologically, to where we can live in a borderline utopia, for no other reason than the fact that, if we work out our economical issues, technology will advance at a much faster rate – greed and ignorance are holding back advancement more than anything else.

soyon wandering

How will those poor people, do not have a college degree nor do not have school history education, how are they suppose to get a job, if they are replaced by robots in the distant future, many of those people will become criminals later in life because unemployment