M. Iqbal Syah P P

hello i'm from indonesian, i already make custom drone. 3 ways drone air,ground,water. with solar cell energy saver at battrey. your idea make me interst can we colabrate maybe one day haha

Perodot_The _Hipster

I don't think i want to be followed by a drone everywhere i go and i don't wanna see others followed everywhere they go i just think the world with technology should stay how it is and not be added on to so please don't make this some sort of trend.

Kevin Williston

Personally I like the idea of having it follow you but that should def only be an option as I like to manually fly them as much as possible but I do alot of atv riding and if all i had to do is download an app and maybe purchase a watch or necklace as stated so it could record my riding that would be awesome.  Keep us posted

kyle mills

A main problem I am seeing is the robot is having a hard time knowing what it is looking at.  If you are focusing on a following drone at the moment, there need to be a surefire way to distinguish people apart and you apart from random things.  A stylish necklace or watch or even a small sticker you can put on your skin (say 1 on eash shoulder for left and right positioning and 1 on your chest for front and back positioning) the sticker could be very thin and with a code in a very small chip in the sticker that the drone can read.


Did he say for police use for tracking down tax evaders and laying down some enforcing methods? I can see a future of police state thugs with these things installed with surveillance and weapon upgrades attached, they would be great for search and rescue not search and destroy. Still money talks and this guy is just another business man eh!.