"Now anyway, the filthy kykes have be-"
Justifies the entire video right there. The rest of it is just padding.

Weird, my spell-check does not recognize the existence of 'kykes', you heard it here first, Chrome's spell-check is anti-Semitic.

Mr Zelious

Dear women, men aren't allowed to comment on your issues because "we've never had a vagina so we don't know."

You've never had a dick so you can't tell us what "healthy masculinity" is.
Sincerely signed,
go fuck yourself

Think pls

Some 5 odd years ago some friends and I were arrested for having a snowball fight a block away from Auschwitz, because that's "offensive". I guess the whole town around there is forever purged of any joy or fun cause why not.

TheVioletLightning 013

first off, that robot is scary as shit; second, this stupid bitch is not allergic to Wi-Fi, that would require Wi-Fi to somehow emit proteins, as all allergic reactions are caused by the body mistaking certain proteins as being harmful to the body; third, i'd like to apologize for how retarded my home state of NC is; fourth, Canada, you're starting to make me not want to move to you in the event that Drumpf wins the election; fifth, really idiot? you're offended by showers? do you not have one where you live? cause if you do, then just shut the fuck up you hypocrite; and sixth, no one gives a fuck who a felt puppet dates.
there, rant over.


Christ, Quebec's worried about hate speech against muslims. I thought it was getting to the point that Quebecois would be catching them in bear traps and turning them into rapure by now.

Roger Andersen

Did anyone but myself make the link between the AI story and the police being encouraged to using psychics? The AI was modeled after Phillip K Dick the science fiction writer who also wrote the story that was the basis for the movie "The Minority Report" about psychics (pre-cogs) wherein people were arrested for crimes before they were committed?. Weird. Maybe the AI will develop psychic abilities at some point?

Midwest Mage

I wonder if the police going to psychics is kinda a cover for getting the job done? Or it just makes things easier. Police usually have a good idea of the area they are responsible for, at least here in the US as far as I have seen. When some thing happens they have a list of suspects, maybe using psychics is a way for them to cut through red tape? Have a source so they can have a reason to investigate a place or person? It very much seems like a last resort thing, or we know but we don't know and we are desperate. You would use it once in a while but not all the time because then people would start asking why a psychic's name is attached to every case file. If this is the case then please, no one fuck this up, its brilliant. Not to say I don't believe in psychics, I do, I know one.


I'd like to coin a new law in light of both the extreme right and extreme left hating the jews.

Zyclon's Law: The more extreme an ideology becomes the more likely it is that that ideology will advocate exterminating the jews.


When did Muslim become a race? That's dumb af. Being non-Muslim and not abiding by their laws, is not racist… It's just having a different, or no, religion.

David Parry

Sometimes, I feel my unflinching quest to develop uber-hostile Machine Intelligences which will crush the puny humans underfoot and then conquer space while playing tunes on flutes made from the long-bones of their creators… makes PERFECT sense.


"Wi-Fi allergy" can be scientifically verified. Put her in a Faraday cage with a Wi-Fi source. Turn it on and off. Ask her if she detects changes. Monitor brain activity. Monitor measures of pain including psychometric and physiological indicators.

David Wright

Well, I have some pictures to delete. Oh wait, I'll be 18 in a day and then it will be perfectly legal. Unless they say the pictures of me are actually as a minor, but I am now an adult. Either way, better get rid of my baby photos.