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This AI test.. sigh.. flawed from the start.. because whatever the bot is programmed with, it responds accordingly within the program paradigm it's in, here's evidence;
AI is one thing, self motivated, self aware is something else.

The builder of the system is not beat by the system he built, keep that in mind.

"The claim that research in AI will inevitably result in consciousness has absolutely no scientific justification. At best,it's speculative science-fiction. At worst, it's pure ignorance. Putting a timeframe on the claim is self borderline psychotic."

You guys should really read the comments sometimes by people much more knowledgeable on such matters who do not sensationalize it with tabloid 'science' and talk TRUTH about it, here's another prime example of the journalist errors you are making and passing off speculation science as 'IT'S NOW A FACT!" (read the article properly!)

The furthest we have gotten to AI has not really changed since computers first came about. The only difference today is bandwidth. Machines still follow a given set of instructions, as they have always only been capable of doing. They are still just calculators. Even Watson or Asimo, or the Google Brain are just responding to inputs and outputting the programmed responses. Siri appears more AI-like than a casio calculator, but underneath they use the exact same computational principles. Siri has no better rationale, so-to-speak, she just has an expanded information pool from which to draw inputs and calculations, and a higher number-crunching bandwidth. We are not even close to cognizance, because it takes an entirely different kind of computing. We will not have real AI until we figure out how we have attained our own cognizance and are able to instill that factor into a machine.  That all being said, nefarious or unintended outputs from unconscious algorithms are just as much of a concern as more and more things become connected.  –

"AI Has Arrived". Really? Let me know when an AI can make a half stab at the Turing test. Pretending to be foreign or ignorant for some reason is not allowed. The problems that are being discussed are important, but are not going to materialise any time soon. They require an AI to have a profound understanding of itself and human beings.

Once again, you are over sensationalizing this and not making clear that AI will NEVER be "CONSCIOUS" since this is HOLLYWOOD and not reality.

(of course this is an evolutionary self-refuting point of view) We don't define consciousness as a neural network. We assume that consciousness is what's HAPPENING in a neural network of sufficient complexity. There's a huuuuge difference between those two concepts. Also, we've pretty much always tried to describe the human brain as an analogy to whatever the most sophisticated technology of the day is. Before neural networks, the brain was described as a bunch of wires and vacuum tubes…before that as a steam engine and even before that, as a clockwork. That tradition goes all the way back to the ancient greeks and as such really doesn't reflect any qualitative progress in our ability to define or identify consciousness. Not trying to be a downer here. Just stating the simple fact that scientifically speaking there's absolutely NOTHING to justify the assumption that we will inevitably create a self-aware AI. There's no theoretical or empirical evidence, not even on the smallest scale, to support your assumption.

"A computer is a glorified abacus. Please keep that in mind. It's a machine. We can make machines to kill people or save them, but each and every one of them depends on us and our ability to choose. They're levers. That's all."

Yes, but consciousness is not a prerequisite for destruction. Albeit simple, look at any kind of malware. Simple code that can spread like wildfire with one objective in mind– taking over other software. A truly conscientious AI mind would be the exact same risk as any person would be against another– some good, some bad. All depending on a plethora of factors. Even still, an algorithm hardly has to be "smart" to cause destruction.

"It is not true that AI has arrived. Image and speech recognition algorithms are not even close to matching the capabilities of the human cortex. For example, a deep neural net that has been trained to recognize chairs really has no idea what a chair is. It cannot tell you that a chair is for sitting, or that it will fall over if pushed, or that it can be made of any number of materials, or which part of the chair is closer to the camera, to the left or to the right. If you give it a video clip of a chair being moved, it has no idea that each frame of the video represents the same chair. Recognition is really a very small part of what the cortex does."

You people need to get your stuff straight but i know.. money needs to be made by being economical with truth.

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hey guys, how about changing the titles of the episodes to begin with "TD"? On some devices, like my xbox, the end of the title doesnt show, so its hard to know if its a TD video.