I don't consider the scenario of the Terminator all that realistic. According to the first movie, Skynet (the self-aware military AI) decided mankind's fate in a microsecond. I'm pretty sure an AI that's self aware could also develop emotions and in turn grow a conscience. Would it WANT to bring forth so much carnage?

I'd consider the Matrix history more valid. Humans treated machines like crap and tried to destroy them. The machines merely retaliated and gave those crappy humans what they had coming to them.

Daniel Jordan

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Phil S

The problem with Turing's "test" is that we're "testing" for intelligence "as we know it". OK, "our" means of assessment of "intelligence" may well be the only metric we have, but we cannot reasonably exclude the distinct possibility that "machine" intelligence may already be greater (maybe FAR greater) than the human version, but in subtly different ways. We see the same narrow mindset in our space exploration programme – essentially looking for "life" (but as we know it). Something to consider, especially since the "AI Journey" has only just started (and look how far we have gone in just a very few decades).

Keaton McMahon

#2 sounds super scary, after having a computer find causality between published news and revolutions. You could use a genetic learning algorithm to write news reports to encourage revolts. A weird type of social de-engineering. Taking propaganda to the next level.


The artificial intelligence writing thing isn't that impressive when you look at how it was programmed

The computer program was just programmed to write premade sentances and plug in data into them from statistics. This isn't actually very hard program and one can do this relatively easily in HTML. It's mostly just a fancy way to avoid having to write a report several times.

It isn't the same as an AI program going off nothing and writing an entire article.