The robots will end up turning on us and destroy most of the human race. The survivors will have to fight these robots in a post apocalyptic Earth.


Germany and Japan were able to maintain their full-set heavy industrial manufacturing and processing economies because during the 1980s two groups of major industrialists from the U.S and Japan were deliberating on how to use these new emerging combined technologies of full-automation, computerization, robotization, servo-mechanization, multi-sensory 3D eye-sensors, eye. The American side wants to automate labor out which is far more expensive and takes a long time to iron the kinks and exposed to a lot of unexpected unknowns that these technologies cannot solved. The Japanese side on the other hand decided to automate around labor by combining the high productivity of robot-driven/CAD-CAM/full-automation WITH THE HUMAN LABOR'S FLEXIBILITY IN DEALING WITH THE UNEXPECTED UNKNOWNS IN THE WORK PLACE, WHILE ALLOWING THE NEW TECHNOLOGIES TO HANDLE THE DANGERS AND HAZARDS AND HOSTILE CONDITIONS AND DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENTS UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE HUMAN LABOR WORKFORCE'S FLEXIBILITY  IN DEALING WITH THE UNEXPECTED UNKNOWNS.

positive economic reform ideas.

it amazes me that  more economic and practical robotic  machines are not being made. Why do we seem intent on re-creating our own form to walk etc, what about more "legs" than two? and why must they look like human legs, ant limb design is a lot more viable.

Eric Taylor

0:30 Self driving cars will eventually make streetlights (and waiting at stop signs and red lights) obsolete. With computer drivers you can time the cars so all sides of intersections can be used at once. It would look frightening and probably be terrifying at first, but then consider how your several times great-grandfather might feel about getting in your car and driving down the road ate 75 MPH!

kathy hernandez

This is wrong they will get rid of human beings and then they won't be needed. What then. Well they've already started killing us with our food soon they'll round our asses up in the middle of the night like they did to Jews and put us in fema camps.


I see robots taking are jobs as potentially good or bad.
Bad if things are expensive
Good if food becomes free and other nessesities i mean if it doesn't cost anything to make it why charge.

Marige OBrien

Scary stuff.  Although, I wouldn't mind it if doctors faced the same kind of down sizing that so many other professions have.  But… then again, I'm sure they'd find a way to keep their hand in it and charge top-dollar for the privilege. If doctors are smart at any one thing, it's making money.