Athens nike

this system is to change what human is, it is misogynistic, blasphemy and toool of slavery. people will feel like god, but are in fantasy land where makers of these apps actually control us. Could you imagine having a detachable leg, and then some other person owns the right to it? by seual people raised by machines, who want people made by technology ,avoiding the womb . Oh singuarity fits into this with virtual experience with machine's giving vain sensational senarios. Iron man is suble, thanks for sharing.

Athens nike

most high god is a lie a lucifer using yahweh's name and exalting him. abortion is a right and so is dignifed birth and time with new born. She is creator, she is extening her rib, forming and building the passive fetus. as author or creator she is entlilted to destroy it. the child free woman and gay adoption are a disporptionate fad. Nither you are them stand up against media glorffing or real medical neglact causing illness or murder in maternity ward. Marrian was most high word mad flesh who birth yashua, Sophia made crist and darklord who invented patriachy and fatheed himself. Aru was the goddess who molded man from clay of her womb like pottery. God , is second sex and comand. Lord iss gate keeper of Her heaven.

Dean B

Not the best video. Puritans were never dooms day prophets. They had a good vision of the future and a hope in the light, truth, mercy, faith of the gospel. Now days every prophet seems to paralise the people with fears. It was once said " a nation without God is a nation full of fears".


Puritan Pictures 2 answer me please there is this game that I really like but it has a lot of dark things the game is Skyrim can I still play it because I know that it won't make me be a satanist

Liz Deapen

All driven by satan. In the end, he will personify a human and try to pass himself off as Jesus, in the flesh, on the earth. However, we know that Jesus will not touch the earth with His feet again, until He cleanses the earth.

Gay Christian

Your warning people of technology and yet its because of technology that you are able to post your videos. lol.  Kinda being hypocritical. The church needs to focus on Jesus and not worry about what the world is doing. We all find it fascinating but at the end of the day if you're a child of God your security is in Christ not in the world.