Donna Richen

creepy and not very good for women, its like oh my girl isnt as good as my virtual one because she gives herself so freely. insulting to women that thing is.

Fire Heart

I wonder if "real" women start being the sweet feminine ladies like before, would men (mgtow or not) forgive them and let them have a second chance? This may sound unrealistic but if women were able to become feminazi's, can't they turn back the tides if they really worked at it?

Eric Schuh

If these are brought to the market will NC have Bots only restrooms too? You just know that any attempt to market this type of technology will result in laws/litigation by the religious right to attempt to keep it from happening, even as GOP congressmen are ordering their preferred type.


I will be the first to start protesting these abominations. artificial humans will become smarter than us and will destroy the human race. they cannot exist