Justin Lee Sabio

IT IS CALLED HILIGAYNON, the word for work is BUHAT (as in working but this is for karay-a; a language by people working in farms, provinces) we use the word UBRA most of the times in the city since it is used to depict profession, work, working, etc.
Look at the lower left above Yagara on 2:48

Knives Millions

That's all cute and all, but having most of your family unemployed because they weren't in IT is not fun, the problem is that these things happen quickly, a company brings in a machine, lays off hundreds of staff, that same staff is then fucked, they are left without a job, their qualifications don't allow them to apply for anything else, there is an overall improvement of standards of living for those left behind (in the 1st world at least) however many people will suffer tremendously now, and the fewer jobs there are the most people are exploited and under stress in the few jobs that are left, you only really need a billion people to fully staff most IT and most services companies in the world, there are 7 billion people in the world today.

It's incredibly difficult to find work, our parents had families by the age of 25, we'll be lucky if we can move our of their homes by the time we are 30.


I think this is for the best because you see this way we will have much more time advance our technologies and less time stupid matters.. also the majority of people would get smarter and smarter due to using their brains for jobs not bodies anymore.. whatever the AI we build there will be stufff to improve.. I'm afraid one day we have to recognize a right for robots and they'll have cognitive mind.. that will be awkward


As jobs become less and less necessary, perhaps the human race might discover how to get off money otherwise the human species will dwindle as the inability to gain money will lead to the inability to afford shelter, food, and clean water.


Robots won't not only make us more human, but they are the real deal. In a very inhabitable world that will have, thanks to global warming, robots will be the only ones capable of working under extreme conditions. So, robots and strong AI are not the best, but the ONLY shot we have to keep mankind from being extinct. I have an ultimate faith is robots and tech. When I have the chance, I will myself become one of them, thanks to biog-cybernetic.

Keith Clemesha

I work 60 hour shifts as an Industrial Electrician, I know of many 'unskilled' jobs currently being replaced. Many just aren't smart enough to do other types of jobs or just flat out resist new information.

I am not concerned for my family, however I am concerned about the growing decadence in the west. I think the witch hunter may have been right.