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i think its a brilliant idea think about it no one would have to work there would plenty of money because each countrys machines would be desighed to desighn things in different ways so trade can still happen. everyone would be wealthy because you dont have to pay robots everyone would have equal pay and get to enjoy what the outside world has to offer tjere would be so much qealth because machines wont stop think about you wouldnt have to work your payed in how much the society consumes everyone could live free and still have plenty to eat machine can make so much so quickly faster than we can i think working robot society is a brilliant idea i welcome it

Владимир Ленин

Kids need to start learning how cook and make that crack and crocodil distribute it and hustle,also skills in gang shootouts,gun marksmanship and gun maintenance along with growing MJ,Mushrooms,Opium and others. 
I don't see Robots and AI replacing drug dealers Yet!!!!!!!!

hey zues

a bbc, Russia report by olga ivshina which features witnesses to fighter jets tailing MH17 … the report was taken down from the bbc site by officials, because it did not meet bbc editorial standards. take a look …
MH17 Ukrainan military aircraft witnessed flying near MH17 before crush BBC InRuss (ENG SUBT)

jufri rayyan

"Make sure ur kids are stupid and dont learn the uses of a computer, instead learn to be brainless football players" fucking amercican govt propaganda now showing up on bbc! Fyi, curators at museums have mostly been replaced already by automated systems, often using touch pad sensors to initiate the programming…. shitty news, shitty info, completely false with no evidence backing… bbc reporting is really slipping.