I know about so many guys that love their computers and phones more than the people around them so women…So they probably will love their Robot females as much as their Computers and phones and therefore more than women…and with the new tech coming for reproducing humans with out sex…Is not hard to imagine what life for humanity will be in the future once this technology become mainstream in about a 100 years from now. Human sexual relationships between a man and a woman will become something very rare.

Max Johnson

I wish someone would create an AI like the one in “Ex Machina”. I’m in the works to create one but I wouldn’t mind if someone beat me to it. Most men NEED this.

Max Johnson

A robot that acts, talks and feels like the real thing minus all the negatives of a real woman? I’d be scared too if I was a woman. Once these things learn how to cook and clean then it’s over for women.

Aaron Ferguson

Wow I just watched a old interview with Cenk and a female anti-feminist and I really like Cenk but on some real shit Cenk is a Bitch Azz Nicca for real…how can a man be against Men equal rights???
Cenk I hope you change I don't hate women but I believe in true equality

marlon green

I hope this happens women just like to text for 2 weeks before meeting in person nowadays. I get bored way before then women just want to do online dating and be the next instagram model these days sadly. Even college girls want to take way too long to meet in person.

the one

they are dangerous for the future of the humanity… Open your eyes. We are already a chicken farm. We already have as models those who have sexual deviations . We have the massive introduction of robots as partners of sexual pleasure. We have virtual sex and exchange of partners as something very acceptable along with the overesexualization
of kids . It does not surprise you why so much freedom on sexual gratification and moral corruption? But politicians are  taking away ALL OTHER FREEDOMS? The family is the base of the society as we know it today. THIS HUMAN RELATIONSHIP IS THE BASE OF OUR SOCIETY. Because all these sexual debauchery the healthy sexual relations between a man and a woman will disappear in the next decade. Thus the natural reproduction of the humans will also disappear. Everything is for the purpose of controlling the reproduction of the human species. With the disappearance of the FAMILY. They try that in the future there is no sexual contact between the two genders. The plan is to eliminate the normal reproduction of the human species


I rather have a sex robots then deal with the bull shit women bring. with them in the crazy ass sh it in there head give me a sex bot any day no drama drama free

Sam Licitra

Not obsolete but it will help with some major problems like female attitudes towards men and what they're entitled to, plus will hopefully fix over population. Sadly, I'll probably be to old by the time the tech gets realistic enough. I'd give anything to give my 22 year old self a sex bot. It would save me decades of government forced servitude to a very hypocritical feminist.

The Fabulist

I see people in the future just sending their sperm and eggs to a clinic to grow babies. Relationships are becoming harder and harder to form and maintain. Women don't seem to be all that interested in men. Men don't know how to please women anymore. This sort of thing is inevitable. Better pre-order that Emma Stone model before they run out.